Jobs such as home maintenance (roofing, etc.)  require a permit. Regular home maintenance will not necessarily require a permit unless inspections are necessary and required. The inspection process protects the home owner.

Please check with Chief Schermerhorn concerning permit issues. (423) 654-8790

Requirements for Permits:
 - Owner
- Address
- Work to be performed
- Cost of job
- Contractor ID,  License and Proof of Liability Insurance

All permits MUST be paid by check.

Setbacks are as follows:

- Front (or any and all sides facing a roadway or street) is 35 feet.
- Back of the structure is 25 feet from property line.
- Sides of the structure is 15 feet from property line.
- Any shortage of the setbacks must be approved by the Commission with a Variance Hearing.
- Outbuildings are not allowed.
- Fencing must be a minimum of 48 inches from the roadway or street.

Click here to fill out the Building Permit Form.
Please return completed form and payment to Town Hall. 

All Valet Parking will require a permit. There is no charge for the permit, however, the permit process will include a member of the Valet Service to meet with LMPD to discuss and plan the parking situation.


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