Ideas from Love Lookout

If you or someone you know in our Lookout Mountain community finds yourself in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, Love Lookout would like to help. Please reach out to us via, whether those needs are physical (such as help with grocery or pharmacy errands), financial or spiritual. 

Ideas from Love Lookout 

"We want to do something that will connect us as a community even though we need to stay physically distant from each other right now. Some neighborhoods across the country hosted a "shamrock hunt" for St. Patrick's Day, and it gave us the idea to do our own neighborhood scavenger hunt, Love Lookout style! It's a fun activity for kiddos during these long days at home, and it can be a sweet display of solidarity & connection in our beloved mountain community.

Have your kids create a big heart to put in one of your windows or on your mailbox that says, "Love Lookout". (If you don't have kids then adults can make one, too! The more hearts the better!) Let's try to get as many houses on the mountain to participate as we can. Once the hearts are all up, it will be like a scavenger hunt for love!

You can take the kids out for a walk near your house to get some fresh air and see how many Love Lookout hearts you can spot. We sure do love this community, and we want to take care of each other! Sometimes that starts with keeping our spirits up and remembering we are all in this together. #lovelookoutmtn"
love lookout