Garbage & Brush Pickup

Public Works


Garbage is picked up curbside on Monday and Thursday. Garbage must be set out in covered cans. When the scheduled pick-up day for garbage falls on a holiday*, it will be picked up the following day.

                          New Year's Day
                          Memorial Day
                          July 4th
                          Labor Day  

Cardboard, Newspapers, Mixed Papers, Plastics and Cans can be dropped off at Public Works building between 6:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. weekdays.

Dumpster Days
There will be a dumpster available at the Public Works building the 1st Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. If the dumpster fills early, access to it may end before 3 p.m. Call Public Works for more information at (423) 821-2417. No hazardous waste or mattresses are allowed. 
Brush Pickup
Leaf burning is prohibited at all times in the Town to prevent the spread of fire and pollution of the air. The Department of Public Works will pick up your yard waste so long as the pile size is kept within 4 feet by 8 feet at a time. When the waste is the result of work by a contractor, the contractor is solely responsible for its removal.

Policy on residential brush removal
The Department of Public Works is responsible for periodic pickup and disposal of materials known as “yard brush” from homeowners’ private residences. The scope of this POLICY is to clarify materials covered, physical makeup of the materials, and procedure to insure reasonable pickup of the piles of yard brush to be removed. 

These guidelines are for RESIDENTIAL yard brush pickup and not intended to apply to commercial locations. Removal of brush materials from commercial locations is the responsibility of the commercial occupant,
Materials Covered
Materials to be removed include leaves, grass trimmings, small brush and tree limbs. Tree limbs are not to exceed 2” in diameter, eight feet in length, basically light enough for one person to reasonably lift.  All materials must be of a composition which can be disposed of in an approved landfill and limited to yard-type material only. Construction materials or non-brush materials will not be picked up. 
Brush Piles
Brush piles are to be located at the street in front of the property owner’s property but behind the painted lane-edge stripe.  The piles must not exceed 8 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 4 feet in height. For safety reasons, please do not encroach on the roadway traffic lanes. With our limited equipment we will pick up one pile at a time, with additional pickups during the next routine pickup. Under no condition should brush be placed on town-owned property, parks or common areas.
Storm Cleanup
In the event of a severe storm, necessitating the closing of schools for instance, the Town may waive the normal brush pickup policy to handle the emergency.  However, certain procedures need to be followed regarding trees and large limbs which may fall from the owner’s yard into the roadway.  We ask homeowners to place manageable limbs and brush along the roadway in front of their property, and they will be picked up. Remnants of the Electric Power Board's tree and limb removal to protect power lines will be picked up. The Town will NOT remove the main trunks and foliage of fallen trees on residential properties or the portion of the fallen tree that impacts the town's roadway. It is the obligation of the homeowner to have these items, along with all the trimmings, removed by a licensed contractor.
Commercial Maintenance Contractors
Town ordinance specifically excludes from this POLICY yard brush generated by commercial, for-profit contractors, who are responsible for yard brush removal as a normal part of their service.  The town definition of such companies includes, but not necessarily limited to, companies with clearly marked transportation and yard equipment, and “for profit” companies requiring a town operating license.  THE EXCEPTION IS REMOVAL OF LEAVES AND GRASS CLIPPINGS. The town WILL pick up leaves and grass cuttings generated by commercial for-profit contractors.  Commercial contractors are to be responsible for removal of all other materials.
"Handyman" or "Casual" Yard Worker
For descriptive purposes, the town considers a handy man or casual yard worker as someone hired by the homeowner by the day or by the hour to maintain the homeowner’s property, not a full-time commercial company with equipment and vehicles which generate large amounts of materials to be removed.  Many homeowners employ such a person or persons. As long as he or she adheres to the policies prescribed herein, the town WILL pick up the materials generated by the casual, handy-man worker, just as that generated by the homeowner.