Municipal Court



Municipal Court

About the Judge FLOSSIEWEILL
The Honorable Flossie Weill is an elected judge to serve a term of eight years. Her current term is
set to end in 2024. The judge hears cases of traffic violations,city ordinance violations, and state criminal violations. She has been the judge since 2016.

Court Information
The Municipal Court is a court of non-record that is established by the city charter, which is in accordance with state statutes. The court has jurisdiction that is concurrent with the general sessions court.

If you are wanting to settle out on your citation by paying, you must call the court department or email your request ( to make arrangements. The citation(s) will not be available to pay until you call.

If you wish to appeal your case, it must be filed with the Court Clerk’s office within 10 days of the judgment and posting a $250 appeal bond. Payment of fines and costs waives your right to appeal the judgment.

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Municipal Court Clerk
Ph.: (423) 821-1226
Fx.: (423) 821-3193